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Founder, Rola tackles some frequently asked questions.


Do I actually need a wedding planner?
My answer to this is always “maybe”. If you are planning a simple event or you have the time (approximately 300+ hours for a large event), contacts, experience, creativity (and patience!) then you can forego hiring a professional. But if you don’t, then a good wedding planner will essentially get you the wedding you want without the stress. A good planner will save you endless hours of searching for suppliers, handle negotiations for you and save you money. Their involvement guarantees that your wedding will look like you envisioned without you needing to do the running around. You can rest easy knowing that you’ve delegated the planning to a professional who will make sure that all the right questions are being asked and answered and your event will run without any problems. So you can focus on the fun parts!
How do I choose the right planner?
The most important thing is that you choose a planner that you have a great connection with who you can trust to deliver on the day. There are a number of fabulous planners out there who have the right skills for the job but make sure you choose a planner that understands you and your vision and you can really get along with. Planning an important event can be challenging even with the help of a planner, so you need someone who will be your biggest advocate during the process. Shortlist some planners and meet them in person (or via Skype if you live abroad!) before you make your mind up.
How do I know if The New Wonderful is the one for me?
We’re the planner for you if you care about your event being meaningful, stylish, extremely well run and full of beautiful, personalised details made just for you. Our clients tell us that what we’re really good at is helping you take all the ideas in your head (or on your Pinterest board) and turning them into something cohesive and a little different. Where we really excel is in helping you to incorporate the things that matter to you, rather than focusing on ‘the way it should be done’. So if you want a wonderful wedding that says something about who you are, your values, your style, your personality and above all, that you and your guests will really enjoy, then we’re the ones for you.
What do your services cover and how much do you charge?
We are a full service company, so we can help you with absolutely everything from budget planning and venue finding, to being there on the day to style and coordinate your event.  Our services and fees are completely tailored to you but a minimum fee applies.  See our Services page for more details.
Are you a one (wo)man band? Will you be able to deliver my event?
We are a small, boutique business, which guarantees we can deliver the completely personalised service that we promise.  I am the principal planner so I currently oversee all events we produce. However pulling off an amazing event is always a team effort, so I have a crack team of qualified assistants and technicians extensively vetted by me, who assist as and when needed, as well as a network of amazing suppliers we call on depending on your requirements.
Will having a planner mean that I lose control of my wedding? I still want it to feel like my event.
There is a myth that if you have a wedding planner, they’ll want to stamp their own ideas all over your wedding/party. I’m sure this happens but a good planner’s great skill is in helping you develop your ideas, filling in creative ideas where you’re lacking, making it all cohesive and then executing exactly as you want on the day and that’s precisely what we do! Our great mission is to give you the wedding you want. I work with you every step of the way but you make all the decisions, my job is to make the decision-making process pain free and then bring your decisions to life.
I’m concerned that the planning team will be running around on the day and will be a distraction.
I have run corporate and private events for years, so we are accustomed to blending into the background. Don’t worry, we won’t be robotic glamazons in headsets and heels distracting your guests like Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner! We remain conspicuous enough for guests and suppliers to find us if they need assistance but inconspicuous enough to not be a distraction.
Can I trust that my wedding is in safe hands with you?
Entrusting your important celebration to someone else is a big deal and I don’t take that responsibility lightly. Whenever I put a team together for an event, I ensure we have years of event management and hospitality experience under our belts. The New Wonderful also follows the UKAWP’s Code of Ethics. Further, we have full public liability insurance cover in case the worst happens. But thankfully, it never has!
My wedding/ party is not for a few months, when should I get in touch?
As soon as possible! We have had clients contact us up to 18 months in advance. The more time we have to plan before the event, the easier the process for you and us.
I’m happy with what I’ve heard and I want to go ahead. What happens next?
Get in touch below and we’ll have an initial phone conversation, then we’ll arrange a complimentary meeting over coffee or drinks. This gives us both a chance to make sure we are the right fit and discuss what services you require. After the meeting, I’ll provide you with a detailed quote and once you’re happy, I’ll send you a contract to sign and the fun of planning your amazing event can begin!

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All my friends have been talking about the decor and your services on the day…thank you for making my birthday a memorable one! Bolanle, 2015 Birthday Girl
Thank you for all your help, I would’ve gone mad if it wasn’t for you! Rachel, 2015 Bride
We really really are grateful for your hard work. A lot of people have said it was the best wedding they've been to this year. Bola & Ezekiel, 2014 Wedding
You brought my vision to life in a way that I didn't even imagine. I will be recommending you to all my friends and family. You're one of a kind Temi, 2015 Birthday Party